customized coaching

I adapt coaching methods and techniques to your specific needs and goals throughout the coaching process, so you´ll find yourself in a practical, effortless and valuable program customized to you.

relax into magic

Releasing your tension, stress and strain helps unleash a huge power within you.  Open yourself up to inner healing and to becoming who you really are. While you relax into the magic of the sound of singing bowls paired with heavenly fragrances, you might just decide to go for your dreams.


Processing the abundant information available from your energy field helps you to unlock the door to a happier, more conscious and more fulfilled life. Open the energetic realms of your being as a source of life-changing clues.

work with me!


I´m thrilled you found me

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you looking for clarity, ease, balance?

Do you feel drained on a physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual level?

Maybe you feel stuck and wonder how you can change that.

Or you might just be on the lookout for your inner power, your inner light.


 Well, you have come to the right place!


One of my gifts is getting to the roots of an issue.

I embody a grounded, practical, process-oriented way of dealing with whatever comes up in your session. I can help you gain striking insights and new awareness that will make your life easier, happier, and more self-determined.


Let´s work together so you can…

  • get clear about what´s going on in your life
  • expand your perspective on life
  • start to perceive what would make your life easier, more fulfilling and happier
  • lead an abundant life full of love, ease and happiness



„My chakra reading with Maike was enlightening! Her reading was deeply intuitive and felt expansive. She accurately and clearly identified my two weakest chakras that were needing some gentle attention. She has a beautiful way of drawing information from her intuition and uses lots of imagery and meaningful metaphors. The exercises she recommended for me were the most powerful part of the session: She provided me with specific imagery to engage during my meditations, as well as activities to practice in my day-to-day life--both of these have continued to unfold additional insights for my life. I highly recommend Maike if you are looking for some wisdom and guidance into your life in general or a specific issue.“
Jennifer KogutHypnotherapist & Coach, Seattle
„Maike Grell has done a couple of readings on me. Both times her discoveries about my energy were very accurate and gave me instant help. Maike is very wise, down to earth practical and extremely loving and caring. At both readings she gave me practical advice how I could aid my energies to flow better. I feel supported by her and give her my full trust. When recruiting Maike's services you are safe to watch yourself walk from strength to strength and shift from fear to joy. I can recommend Maike to anyone willing to work directly on their energy. She will help you, but you still have to show up and do your "homework"!“
Mia TycehurstDirector of Forster Yoga Studios, Forster, Australien


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