Hi, I´m Maike.

In the picture above, I am deeply concentrating on listening with my heart.

I have learned to see beneath the surface.

My life didn´t leave me any other option.

Today I am deeply grateful for it!


How did I get here?

In 1998 I was standing in front of a team of pediatric neurologists who couldn´t say out loud what I needed to hear: that our five-month-old baby was fatally ill and would be dead soon.

Seven months later, my lovely baby girl Lilli was dead. She died at home. Calmly. Loved. Cared for.


And then???

I remember standing on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on New Year’s Eve, crying my eyes out. We had escaped Christmas and the family because we couldn´t bear it.

I looked over the dark horizon and thought to myself: “The whole last year was yours, Lilli. From tomorrow on, it´s my turn!”


At that moment, I began defining and accepting myself as the center of my life. I could no longer do it any other way, because I had promised my dying Lilli that I would cope without her – which had allowed her to die in peace.

So with sandy feet and tears streaming down my face, I decided to take all the love that had been flowing between Lilli and me and dedicate it to myself.


… time to take a deep breath …


Back home in Germany, I set out on a long journey. It was a tour into hearing, seeing, and feeling with my heart, feeling into my wounds, my talents, my wishes, my qualities and skills. On my way, I made stops at terror, anger, fear, confusion, incomprehension, deeeeeeeep sadness, light, shadows, vitality, acceptance, joy, confidence, reticence, insight, breakthrough, awakening, trust, forgiveness, love – and finally gratefulness.


Today I am a happy person who sees in every crisis a chance for personal progress. A woman full of gratitude who sees deep into herself and others. A creative fairy, deeply in peace and sharing her light. A loving mother who learned that letting go leaves you alive and powerful. A compassionate coach who listens with her heart and shares her experience, wisdom, love and joy of living.


And …


I love my work!

I love to work with people who strive to get to know, understand, and perceive themselves on a deeper level. People who embrace awareness, change, and transformation and who want to lighten up their shadow sides.

I love to witness you finding your inner light and living a fulfilled, relaxed, loving and happy life.

I am human, woman, modern mystic, mentor, hypno-coach, bereavement coach, specialist in chakra work, dōTERRA wellness advocate and so much more.

I have spent over 17 years working with people like you.


Over and over again I feel deeply blessed and humbled to witness a heart opening up to new opportunities. To see your heart coming out of hiding, starting to shine and sparkle.

What is hurt inside of you begins to heal, and your vulnerability becomes one of your strongest assets. Your desires transform into a power that manifests your dreams.

It is ever so touching when I see your heart´s energy starting to heal you from the inside out. I support you getting there.


I know now is the time for big and wonder-filled changes.

I’m excited to give you the support you need on this journey.