After the US election

This morning, 7 days after the US election I am in tears over all the hate, vengeance, separation in our world. And I realize I was in shock for the last week.


Last Wednesday, November 9th 2016 I was outside in nature as I suddenly saw myself back in 2001. I remembered how I felt back then, having seen the planes crash into the Twin Towers on tv. I was in some kind of parallel universe, like my world was somehow separated from the rest. Separated from the bad and the ugly. (It´s definitely some kind of psychological safeguard, this feeling of being in a separate space for a while.)


I still ponder on the fact that the 2016 US election has shot me back to 9/11.

„What a badass comparison“,  my mind is saying.

„It´s just one more sign that we need to change in order to change the world“, my heart sings.


We is me and you. Change needs to be done in my heart and in yours. Change that blooms deep down in our hearts, spreads into our heads and way beyond our physical limitations.


I acknowledge that the moment I don´t feel separated anymore I cry for those parts of the world that are still infused with hatred, wanting to pay back, racial, social, religious exclusion, greed …


And I acknowledge that the moment I don´t feel separated anymore I have a choice. I have a choice to listen to my heart, to give voice to what I feel.

I can choose between fear and love, between hatred and love, between racism and love, between vengeance and love.


I would love it so much if you, too took the chance to choose love.


You know, sometimes I am exploring what my heart offers me. Just to understand what it is teaching me and to find words for what it is saying.

So now I wonder if those tears really come from a place of compassion or if they are rather from a place of fear. Breathing deeply I embrace my feelings and right away I know, feel, see that I cry from a place of hope a place of connectedness a place of courage, and inspiration. I am ever so grateful for that!


Choose love and change the world! It is so worth it!


And listen to this song, if you like.



… from my heart to yours ..





  1. Brenda Million Radford

    Love, Sweet Love! Thank you Maike.

  2. Sabina

    Beautifully expressed Maike. Thank you.

    • Maike Grell

      Thank you for taking the time to read it, Sabina!

    • Eva

      Thank you for your thoughts. I went through a lot of them, too. The worst thing to me, was how my female essence reacted. My inner rebel yelled frequently: I don’t want to have to defend my womanhood again. We went through this over and over again. (Belinda also mentioned this in today’s post.)

      Reading your article brought up some thoughts for me:

      Love is all you need… A Beatles classic, isn’t it?!
      In our time love is getting lost in the separation of people, countries, genders, races etc…
      Hate and fear are growing and spreading every minute.
      That’s why it feels so overwhelming and sometimes senseless to rise against it.

      Go against the grain, send love and peace to the Universe and let it spread. This is a must do in these times of change and uproar

      Don’t be silent, spread LOVE.

      We are all ONE.

      • Maike Grell

        Eva, thank you! Yes, we are all one. And right now it might feel creepy sometimes. Let´s stand united for love and trust and hope for freedom and equality so male and female essences, womanhood and maleness are safe and sound.

  3. Emma Wilkinson

    Beautiful Maike. Powerfully present Love is what the world needs now. Thank you.

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